When: 01 August 2015

Where: London Theatre Workshop

What: ‘Project W.O.L.F’ was a brand new micro-festival exploring & celebrating original feminist performance, with a mix of theatre, music & more. Beginning in early 2015, Old Sole Theatre Company wanted to create an original piece about the idea of ‘terror’ linked to life in modern-day London. This soon became a project with an all-female ensemble. We wanted to explore the core of injustice and that core, we believe, is gender inequality and sexism; the conscious, or insidiously unconscious, effect that occurs when one half of the population is paid, treated, shown, thought about, spoken about or spoken to, differently than the other half.

"What right do three young white men have to ask that question or explore that inequality?" I hear you cry... Well, we truly believe that the success of equality, justice and balance lies in all genders, races, creeds & sexualities sharing experiences, offering opportunities and having the openness to hear one-another.


Rather than impart our views onto an audience, we invited a varied group of contributors to create & share their work, in an effort to explore, expand and celebrate what it is to be a feminist living and working in 2015.


We’ve been extremely lucky to have the support of a fantastic range of creative minds that contributed to this festival through writing & reading, devising & designing, playing & performing a diverse programme of material. We’re also fortunate to have the support of ‘London Theatre Workshop’ and the team who have built this fantastic venue, where artists can come together with ambition, passion and not enough time, to see what they can create.

So, with that in mind, we assembled the #WOLFPACK as we prepared for the first (but not last) ‘Project W.O.L.F.' 

The Programme:

‘Toward The Unknown’ by Ingunn Lara Kristjansdottir (A Rehearsed Reading)

Waxing Crescent’ by Faye Ventre & ‘Seit aus

'Fionnuala’ by Doireann McMahon

W.O.L.F’ by James Neale

Old Sole Theatre Company Limited. Company No: 10178818